Best Hiking Hats for Summer

We will spend more time exposed to the sun and its UV rays than we have thought before while we are traveling. Whether you are soaking up the sun on the beach or spending the day in the wild, a part of your skin will be exposed to the sun and you may get sunburned. So you have to protect yourself from the sun by applying the sunscreen and wearing a sun hat. The face and head are the most exposed areas, and these two parts are particularly sensitive to the sun. If you want to do some exciting things, you must wear a sun hat. This is the easiest and most effective way to protect your face and head. Staying outdoors can be an exciting and worthwhile experience. It’s best to wear a hiking hat in hot weather. A hat can be your first choice against the horrible sunburns and sunstroke, providing you with all the protection you want.  

If you plan to go hiking, you should always take a hiking hat with you, no matter what the weather is. Although there is no sunny outside, it will protect you from harmful sun’s rays and block the rain from your head. When choosing a hiking hat for hot weather, you should focus on the material and function of the hat. Here are some nice hiking hats for the hot summer.

The sun hat features a medium sized brim that is suitable for everyday use. The upper crown of the hat is designed with polyester mesh which provides good ventilation. This will keep your head cool on hot days and increase airflow. The dark colored underbrim helps reduce glare and protects you from reflected UV rays. The hat has a rating of UPF50+, which offers you the best sun protection. The material is water and mildew resistant.

This hiking hat is designed with UPF50+ materials, which offers you the best protection from harmful UV rays. Most importantly, it has air vents and uses the waterproof material to make sure your head stay cool. This special hat is perfect for you to wear in summer. It’s lightweight and crushable, so that you can pack it and put into your suitcase. The brim is wide enough to protect your head, face, ears and the back of your neck from the sun.  

bucket hat is perfect for outdoor activities. The feature of this hat is that it provides you with the UPF50+ sun protection, blocking 98% harmful UVA and UVB rays. It includes a vent and mesh panel which allows air pass through the fabric and keeps you cool, preventing sweat from dripping in your eyes. The hat has an adjustable chin strap that enables you to modify the hat to fit your head. It provides additional safety especially in windy weather. The quality of the hat is prime thanks to its lightweight and durable material. It’s easy to take off and you can easily fold it and stuff it into a bag. Also, when you unfold the hat, it can quickly return to its original form.


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