How to Choose a Hat for Your Adventures?

Hats are an easiest and cheapest way to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays. Before buying a hat, you need to think about your travel plans and make sure your hat does everything you need to do. Here are some tips that you should know before you buy a sun hat.

 Tightly Knit

Tightly knit – the tighter the better. Those soft straw hats with big holes may look good, but they will allow a lot of sunlight to penetrate your hat, which will reduce protection. Generally, nylon and cotton fabrics are closely woven, such as cotton bucket hats, which have soft fabrics and provide good sun protection.

For the harsher sun climate, choose a tight woven hat with a fair UPF rating (96% and above) for maximum protection. In general, most hats used for outdoor adventures will have a UPF rating.

Adjustment String

Hats are commonly used in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and more. They all have an adjustable windproof rope. The adjustable chin rope can help the hat stay safely on your head, even in strong winds.

Don’t worry that the hat with the rope looks awkward. Most good sun hats have ropes, so every smart person will wear it on a trip. The bucket hat with string just meets your requirements for a good sun hat, and its chin rope is adjustable. The workmanship of the rope won’t make you uncomfortable.


A good sun protection hat should have at least 3 inches wide brim. That is wide enough to protect your ears, face and neck.

Moisture Wicking

Many good sun hats have a moisture wicking lining that helps you absorb the sweat and moisture from your head so you don’t get a rash or discomfort. If you have been swimming and wearing a hat, your wet hair will quickly evaporate.

Although hats are important, they also have some drawbacks – that is, they can be very hot to wear. Wearing a hat on a sunny day will make you sweat more. Moisture wicking is an important feature since it will make you comfortable even in the hot sun.


Foldable, packable or compressible are the qualities you need in a travel sun hat, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. There are some hats that are soft and crushable, so you can pack them on the bottom of your suitcase without damaging their original shape.

Most of bucket hats are foldable, such as nylon, denim, cotton, etc. These bucket hats have good elasticity. Even if they have wrinkles, you can use a cold steam iron to restore them.

Other Functions

Your activity will depend on your style of the hat: swimming, fishing, camping and more.

For instance, if you are playing on the prairie or on the water, then you need to make sure your hat stays on your head in the strong wind, so you need a built-in chin strap or headband tensioner.

However, if you relax on the beach and go swimming, then it is not necessary.

Consider the plan during your trip and make sure your hat can do everything you need before buying a hat.

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