Queen’s Favorite Great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte

On June 9, 2018, the annual royal parade at Buckingham Palace, London, was held to mark the official 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Every year, except for the women’s clothes, Prince William’s hair is getting smaller and younger, and men have been showing up in uniform for years, nothing new. It is the royal babies who are more enthusiastic, and fans have been looking forward to the day’s photos.

Of course, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were the ones most expected by netizens. Princess Charlotte had her hair changed, her hairpin turned into a red rope, and she had a small tail on her head, and a blue shredded princess skirt. He was not tall enough to step on a stool and looked taller than his brother Prince George. There was a little of interlude, and Princess Charlotte almost fell off her stool, only to catch Kate in time.

Princess Charlotte was so frightened that she was crying, and her mother, Kate, immediately lifted her arms and comforted her. His grandfather, Prince Charles, immediately asked, and even her great-grandmother, the Queen, could not help but turn her back to care. This is one of her favorite great-grandchildren, how willing to cry. When she first learned that Kate’s second child was a daughter, the Queen was very excited. After Princess Charlotte was born, the Queen gave her a lot of small gifts and tried to visit Kensington Palace in person after a period of busy business.

Fortunately, the child’s mood came quickly, royal etiquette as Princess Charlotte a moment later, sweet smile and wave. Remember the facial bags that Prince George and Princess Charlotte contributed at the parade last year? This year the two brothers and sisters between a little cousin, although did not see interaction, but Princess Charlotte looked up with Sun Wukong’s hand to look up at the plane, but let the hearts of fans and sisters melt, called such a little princess is very cute.

Prince George was very happy on the balcony this year. The national anthem sounded and sang. Unfortunately, he had just opened his mouth without singing a few words, and was blocked with his hands by his cousin next to him. George had a good temper. Instead of changing his face, he laughed more happily. This little cousin is Princess Anne’s granddaughter Savannah, who is expected to be a strong girl in the future. When her expression suddenly changes, she thinks, “this guy sings so badly, I have to cover his mouth.” she makes fans and sisters envy her.

A fan sister has suggested improvements to Princess Charlotte’s dress, saying she would like to see her dress in other styles. Every public appearance is a princess dress of this style, and the flowers on the dress are about the same. Is it possible to open a store for the same princess dress in Kate’s house? Although Princess Charlotte looks good on, it is a great pity for girls not to try something else in the world of children’s clothing.


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