How to Choose a Hat for Your Adventures?

Hats are an easiest and cheapest way to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays. Before buying a hat, you need to think about your travel plans and make sure your hat does everything you need to do. Here are some tips that you should know before you buy a sun hat.

 Tightly Knit

Tightly knit – the tighter the better. Those soft straw hats with big holes may look good, but they will allow a lot of sunlight to penetrate your hat, which will reduce protection. Generally, nylon and cotton fabrics are closely woven, such as cotton bucket hats, which have soft fabrics and provide good sun protection.

For the harsher sun climate, choose a tight woven hat with a fair UPF rating (96% and above) for maximum protection. In general, most hats used for outdoor adventures will have a UPF rating.

Adjustment String

Hats are commonly used in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and more. They all have an adjustable windproof rope. The adjustable chin rope can help the hat stay safely on your head, even in strong winds.

Don’t worry that the hat with the rope looks awkward. Most good sun hats have ropes, so every smart person will wear it on a trip. The bucket hat with string just meets your requirements for a good sun hat, and its chin rope is adjustable. The workmanship of the rope won’t make you uncomfortable.


A good sun protection hat should have at least 3 inches wide brim. That is wide enough to protect your ears, face and neck.

Moisture Wicking

Many good sun hats have a moisture wicking lining that helps you absorb the sweat and moisture from your head so you don’t get a rash or discomfort. If you have been swimming and wearing a hat, your wet hair will quickly evaporate.

Although hats are important, they also have some drawbacks – that is, they can be very hot to wear. Wearing a hat on a sunny day will make you sweat more. Moisture wicking is an important feature since it will make you comfortable even in the hot sun.


Foldable, packable or compressible are the qualities you need in a travel sun hat, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. There are some hats that are soft and crushable, so you can pack them on the bottom of your suitcase without damaging their original shape.

Most of bucket hats are foldable, such as nylon, denim, cotton, etc. These bucket hats have good elasticity. Even if they have wrinkles, you can use a cold steam iron to restore them.

Other Functions

Your activity will depend on your style of the hat: swimming, fishing, camping and more.

For instance, if you are playing on the prairie or on the water, then you need to make sure your hat stays on your head in the strong wind, so you need a built-in chin strap or headband tensioner.

However, if you relax on the beach and go swimming, then it is not necessary.

Consider the plan during your trip and make sure your hat can do everything you need before buying a hat.

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Prince George and His Uncle, Prince Harry

Prince George of Cambridge (George Alexander Louis; born 22 July 2013) is a member of the British royal family. He is the eldest child and elder son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and third in the line of succession to the British throne behind his grandfather Prince Charles and his father. As he is expected to be king someday, his birth was widely celebrated across the Commonwealth realms. He has two younger siblings: Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis of Cambridge. George occasionally accompanies his parents on royal tours, and has affected business and popular culture.

Many people see in fairy tales that princes and princes, kings and queens, in fact, have a lot of royal families around the world, although with the development of history these monarchs have no real power, more symbolism than actual meaning. Some royal families, such as the Japanese royal family, have only 17 people, as a result of complex rules. Of all the royal families, the British royal family is one of the most concerned.

The royal family is very respectable, and in the royal family there is a very lovely little prince, George. George, the eldest son of Kate and Prince William and heir to the throne, will be highly valued as George. George, now only five years old, had revealed his dream of being a policeman, but George was destined to be disappointed. George is best known for “disgust”, no matter who the face is the same small expression. But according to the royal family, George likes Harry very much.

Why did Prince Harry like George so much? This is because Prince Harry himself is a very naughty child. When Harry laughed, he often made funny things, made faces into the camera and played naughty games with his mother, Diana. When Prince Harry grew up, he became the happy fruit of the royal family, even the gracious Kate Princess, who often laughed with him. When the Queen and Prince Harry are together, they whisper and look lovingly. Prince Harry, known as pistachio, met little George, the two of whom had a pat of character Together.

When George was very young, he was taken care of by Prince Harry, who had told the media that he could ask his brother for a babysitter. Prince Harry often prepares gifts for George. George likes dinosaurs and cars, as well as watching cartoons. Although Prince Harry is not young, but full of fun, Harry and George often watch the Lion King, this animation is their favorite.

But his nephew had a very good relationship, and George had said something embarrassing to Harry. When George was very young, Obama visited the British royal family. Prince Harry, the prince of the British royal family, was required to attend, but George got used to seeing Prince Harry at such a serious moment. I can’t help saying: why are you so quiet today? This embarrassed Prince Harry at the time. Prince Harry was exposed, but the episode would not affect his nephew’s relationship.

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Queen’s Favorite Great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte

On June 9, 2018, the annual royal parade at Buckingham Palace, London, was held to mark the official 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Every year, except for the women’s clothes, Prince William’s hair is getting smaller and younger, and men have been showing up in uniform for years, nothing new. It is the royal babies who are more enthusiastic, and fans have been looking forward to the day’s photos.

Of course, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were the ones most expected by netizens. Princess Charlotte had her hair changed, her hairpin turned into a red rope, and she had a small tail on her head, and a blue shredded princess skirt. He was not tall enough to step on a stool and looked taller than his brother Prince George. There was a little of interlude, and Princess Charlotte almost fell off her stool, only to catch Kate in time.

Princess Charlotte was so frightened that she was crying, and her mother, Kate, immediately lifted her arms and comforted her. His grandfather, Prince Charles, immediately asked, and even her great-grandmother, the Queen, could not help but turn her back to care. This is one of her favorite great-grandchildren, how willing to cry. When she first learned that Kate’s second child was a daughter, the Queen was very excited. After Princess Charlotte was born, the Queen gave her a lot of small gifts and tried to visit Kensington Palace in person after a period of busy business.

Fortunately, the child’s mood came quickly, royal etiquette as Princess Charlotte a moment later, sweet smile and wave. Remember the facial bags that Prince George and Princess Charlotte contributed at the parade last year? This year the two brothers and sisters between a little cousin, although did not see interaction, but Princess Charlotte looked up with Sun Wukong’s hand to look up at the plane, but let the hearts of fans and sisters melt, called such a little princess is very cute.

Prince George was very happy on the balcony this year. The national anthem sounded and sang. Unfortunately, he had just opened his mouth without singing a few words, and was blocked with his hands by his cousin next to him. George had a good temper. Instead of changing his face, he laughed more happily. This little cousin is Princess Anne’s granddaughter Savannah, who is expected to be a strong girl in the future. When her expression suddenly changes, she thinks, “this guy sings so badly, I have to cover his mouth.” she makes fans and sisters envy her.

A fan sister has suggested improvements to Princess Charlotte’s dress, saying she would like to see her dress in other styles. Every public appearance is a princess dress of this style, and the flowers on the dress are about the same. Is it possible to open a store for the same princess dress in Kate’s house? Although Princess Charlotte looks good on, it is a great pity for girls not to try something else in the world of children’s clothing.


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Prince Harry and Megan Moving

The Frogmore Estate or Gardens comprise 33 acres (130,000 m2) of private gardens within the Home Park, adjoining Windsor Castle, in the English county of Berkshire. It is the location of Frogmore House, a royal retreat. The name derives from the preponderance of frogs which have always lived in this low-lying and marshy area near the River Thames.

It is also the site of three burial places of the British Royal Family: the Royal Mausoleum containing the tombs of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert; the Duchess of Kent’s Mausoleum, burial place of Queen Victoria’s mother; and the Royal Burial Ground. The gardens are Grade I listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle will move away from Prince William and Kate Middleton, fleeing Kensington Palace’s “inescapable place”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will share royal territory with William and Kate in the months after their marriage.Prince Harry and Megan will move from London to Frogmore House in Windsor during the New year. According to an earlier report by the Mail on Sunday, there was a rift between the royal couple, and Megan and Kate were considered “very different people.”But Kensington Palace says the Sussex family will move out before giving birth to their first child next spring.

Before becoming a father, Prince Harry was said to crave “a place where the royal family could not escape.””Harry just doesn’t want his family to grow up like his brother in an obvious way,” said a source. “Any trip to nearby Kensington Garden will get people’s attention.” Whether it’s a well-meaning public or an occasional photographer, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have their gardens in the back, which is good, but there is no real room for children to play.

Located in the Windsor safe area (the main house is open to the public for only a few days a year), the Frogmore hut is quiet, above all, it is private.Prince Harry and Megan live at Nottingham House at Buckingham Palace, the former residence of Kate and Prince William. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now live on the same plot of land with 20 bedrooms.

The multimillion-pound renovation of Frogmore Cabin will be funded by British taxpayers.

The renovated cottage will be a 10-bedroom home with Prince Harry and Megan’s baby nursery. The Frogmore cottage at Windsor Abbey was given to them by the Queen of England. The 19th century cottage is currently rented by royal staff. But the secondary building was not in disrepair, and prior to Prince Harry and Megan’s move, top secret planning applications had been submitted to Parliament.

Windsor Castle has long been a refuge for the Windsor family, where the Queen and other members of the royal family hold private and royal events.

The British royal family has always been the focus of attention from people all over the world, and the movement of the royal family is also a topic of concern to many media friends, from her Majesty the Queen of England to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Their every move has attracted a lot of attention, so to speak, the British royal family is the most attention in the world. Why did the Queen take care of Megan when she was pregnant with twins and let her move into Windsor Castle? In many occasions, royals often top hats varied in styles, sizes, materials, shapes, etc. Certainly, womens bucket hat could also be spotted in some special occasions. 


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