Hat Etiquette: When to take off your Hat?

Hats are not the essential piece of clothing but they once were but are still worn by both men and women for fashion and for function in modern society. There are no compulsory rules for hat wearers in present. But you should follow some basic and common rules that have been passed down to now. Knowing when to remove a hat is as important as wearing the right hat for the occasion.

Throughout history, hats represent social status, and taking off a hat was to show respect to others. In the past few centuries, men took off their hats in Christian churches, and when they entered someone’s home, greeting a boss and always in the presence of a woman, they also took off their hats; while women are completely exempt from hat rules, and they can wear them at any time in anywhere. Although some of these customs now pass into silence, even in today’s casual and free culture, men and women still take off their hats as a gesture of showing respect. Cancer patients are exempt from these hat rules. If they like, they can wear a hat at any time. 

For men, you can keep your hat on your head when you go outdoors. In public situations, for example, at athletic events (indoors or out), on public transportation, in public buildings such as post offices, airports, elevators, and in hotel or office lobbies, you can leave your hat on your head. You should remove your hats include baseball caps, black bucket hat and other casual hats when you are in someone’s home. Besides, take off your hats at the table during mealtimes. While being introduced, you should take off your hats whether indoors or outdoors. During the house worship, you also need to remove the hat unless a hat or head covering is required. Although you can keep your hat on most public occasions, there are some places where you’d better take it off. These places are schools, libraries, courthouses or town halls. Men should take off their hats when work indoors, especially in an office (unless required for the job). In restaurants and coffee shops, a hat should be removed. When you go to a theater or watch some indoor performance, you must take off your hats or they would block others’ vision.  

For women, there aren’t so many rules about when to wear a hat and when to take it off. They can keep their hats on in most situations. When in someone’s home, at luncheons, weddings, garden parties, at religious services, at a movie or any indoor performance, women can leave their hats on their head except for a baseball cap. Women often wear fashion hats, like a wedding hat or a hat is worn in a theater, which will block someone’s view. So it is best to take them off when you are indoors. Many people like to wear baseball caps, a unisex cap that can be worn by anyone at any age. Women should take off baseball caps in someone’s home, at mealtimes, work indoors, and during the worship.

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Sun-protective Clothing

Summer sun is really harsh that you would like to stay at home rather than go out. While some of you may want to go out for soaking up in the sun on the beach or going for hiking. No matter what you are going to do, you should remember to protect yourself from the sun and its harmful UV rays. So your summer clothing should not just look great but also can block harmful UV rays. It is also an effective way to protect against sun damage and skin cancer. It is one of the easiest ways to stay safe. Unlike the sunscreen, you don’t need to apply it for several times.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor indicates how much UV radiation can pass through the fabric to reach your skin. For example, a UPF 50+ fabric can block about 97% percent of the sun’s UV rays and allow two percent to penetrate, thus to reduce your exposure risk significantly. A UPF rating of 30 to 49 provides good protection, while UPF 50+ offers the maximum protection.

It’s true that the clothes you’re wearing can block the sun’s rays, but not all fabrics and colors offer the same level of protection. There are many choices which offer you to choose in the market. When purchasing for clothes that block harmful rays, there are a few things that you should consider. The first thing is the color of clothing. Dark or bright colors absorb UV rays, rather than allowing them to penetrate the fabric, thus prevent them from reaching your skin. That’s why these colors offer better protection than lighter colors.

The second one is the construction of the fabric. Densely woven fabrics, such as denim, canvas, wool, or synthetic fibers, are more protective than thin, loose woven fabrics. You can check a fabric’s sun safety by taking the fabric out into the sun and see if the UV radiation can easily penetrate the fabric and reach your skin.

The third thing is the composition of the fabric of the clothes, which is very important. Some fabrics have ability of absorbing UV radiation. For example, most of our sun hats are made of fabrics with Ultraviolet Protection Factor, such as polyester, which can absorb most UV rays. A bucket hat is a kind of hat that people often wear in summer. They are made of pure cotton, polyester, denim and so on. These materials are used in summer and they can absorb ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the bucket hat is a good item to protect you from the sun and its harmful rays. Some of clothes are made of lightweight satiny silks that are highly protective because they reflect radiation. High-tech fabrics treated with chemical UV absorbers or dyes prevent some penetration from UV rays.  

Last but not least, loose-fitting clothes are perfect for summer. The elasticity of the tights allows them to be stretched, reducing the level of protection offered, because the stretch of the fabric causes more UV radiation to pass through. The more area of skin you cover, the better your protection you can get. So opt for long-sleeved shirts and pants whenever possible.

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Best Hiking Hats for Summer

We will spend more time exposed to the sun and its UV rays than we have thought before while we are traveling. Whether you are soaking up the sun on the beach or spending the day in the wild, a part of your skin will be exposed to the sun and you may get sunburned. So you have to protect yourself from the sun by applying the sunscreen and wearing a sun hat. The face and head are the most exposed areas, and these two parts are particularly sensitive to the sun. If you want to do some exciting things, you must wear a sun hat. This is the easiest and most effective way to protect your face and head. Staying outdoors can be an exciting and worthwhile experience. It’s best to wear a hiking hat in hot weather. A hat can be your first choice against the horrible sunburns and sunstroke, providing you with all the protection you want.  

If you plan to go hiking, you should always take a hiking hat with you, no matter what the weather is. Although there is no sunny outside, it will protect you from harmful sun’s rays and block the rain from your head. When choosing a hiking hat for hot weather, you should focus on the material and function of the hat. Here are some nice hiking hats for the hot summer.

The sun hat features a medium sized brim that is suitable for everyday use. The upper crown of the hat is designed with polyester mesh which provides good ventilation. This will keep your head cool on hot days and increase airflow. The dark colored underbrim helps reduce glare and protects you from reflected UV rays. The hat has a rating of UPF50+, which offers you the best sun protection. The material is water and mildew resistant.

This hiking hat is designed with UPF50+ materials, which offers you the best protection from harmful UV rays. Most importantly, it has air vents and uses the waterproof material to make sure your head stay cool. This special hat is perfect for you to wear in summer. It’s lightweight and crushable, so that you can pack it and put into your suitcase. The brim is wide enough to protect your head, face, ears and the back of your neck from the sun.  

bucket hat is perfect for outdoor activities. The feature of this hat is that it provides you with the UPF50+ sun protection, blocking 98% harmful UVA and UVB rays. It includes a vent and mesh panel which allows air pass through the fabric and keeps you cool, preventing sweat from dripping in your eyes. The hat has an adjustable chin strap that enables you to modify the hat to fit your head. It provides additional safety especially in windy weather. The quality of the hat is prime thanks to its lightweight and durable material. It’s easy to take off and you can easily fold it and stuff it into a bag. Also, when you unfold the hat, it can quickly return to its original form.


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Headwear for Hair Loss of Women

Although hair loss exists in both men and women, a small amount of hair loss is a normal metabolic phenomenon, but long-term and massive hair loss is abnormal. Both men and women suffer from hair loss. Hair is about the level of appearance especially for women. In order to solve this long-term problem, many women are looking for stylish and suitable headwear, because it can help women who experience hair loss feel comfortable and self-confident. That’s why women wear hats, especially when it comes to long-term hair loss.

While women are also actively seeking to understand the real cause of their hair loss, whether it is due to stress or irregular sleep, they want to treat their hair loss by enquiring GP and dermatologist. There are many different types of headwear that can help you to manage hair loss and the “ebb and flow” of patchy hair loss on a daily basis. In any case, wearing a headwear can help protect your head from the sun, since bald head is particularly sensitive to the sun, and it can keep your hair in shape on windy days. It also keeps your head dry if you cover up bald spots with coloring powders.

When choosing the right hat for long-term hair loss, you must know what you are looking for. For example, many hats are designed to cover only half of the head. Think baseball caps or baker boy caps, which leave a 5-6 cm band on the back of your head. If there is enough fabric in the hat, you can pull it down, but this will damage the shape and style of the hat. Choose a style with enough depth and wear it correctly to get the best effect. Make it look “normal” instead of trying to hide something.   

It can be difficult to find a way to give all the bald spots extra depth and coverage, for example, the space from the front of the ears all the way to the back of the neck. The traditional baseball cap is one that fits any style and is worn without tilting or pulling down. Interestingly, this is a common look for male hair loss. Fabric caps sometimes called barge caps, which are softer to wear and have more fabric inside. Bucket hats and trilbys with small brims and casual fabrics are ideal for summer wear, with a slight tilt back on the head to comfortably cover the neck. This is probably one of the easiest styles to get on the market, especially in the summer.

It’s worth noting that if you pull down any hat square down on your head, it will cover the face. Tilt the hat front to back a little so that your eyebrows and the bottom of your earlobes are displayed. However, due to its brim, this may be considered as an outdoor style. Some people may think of beanie hats and cloche hats as a hard look to pull off for people other than young people, but there are many different shapes of beanies and subtle variations in patterns that can bring about significant style changes when it is worn. 

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How to Care Your Hats?

Whether you wear hats often or only occasionally, learning how to care your hats will help keep them in good condition for years to come.  

One of the easiest ways to keep your hat in good condition is to make sure you’re handling it correctly. Although different hats may have different care instructions, the standard of handling a hat is applicable to all hats. Avoid picking up your hat from the crown and, if possible, pick it up from the brim with clean and dry hands. When you put it on your head, grab its crown instead of the brim. For most hats, you should avoid getting them wet as that may cause them to lose their shape. If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally and regain its shape.

Most sun hats have a built-in sweatband, such as bucket hat and fedora hat, while you may not be able to see it when you wear it. The sweatband tends to get dirty by the sweat, shampoo and other hair products. Sweatbands are the easiest place to accumulate dirt in hats. Luckily, this sweatband is easy to clean and keep your hat fresh. Usually, the sweatband of the hat can be removed. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the basin and add the appropriate amount of mild powdered detergent for cleaning. Brush the surface with a soft bristle brush, and then wipe off the stain with a clean wet white cloth. For leather sweatbands, you can use commercial leather cleaning products to remove stains and odors and then let them dry naturally.  

It is very common to clean the exterior of the hat, and to prevent build-up of dirt and dust. You can use a soft brush or lint roller to remove dust, stains, and lint. If your hats have some delicate ornaments like feathers, ribbons, and flowers, you can blow them away with the cool air of a hair dryer.

One of the easiest ways to remove dents is to place the hat over the steam from a kettle for a few seconds. The steam should help soften the hat, allowing you to simply smooth out the dents or creases with your hands. Once the indentation has disappeared, you can dry the hat and it will recover its shape.

For some hats with feathers, droopy feathers can be restored by putting it over steam for a few seconds, and broken feathers can be repaired by adding a little PVA to the broken part. Curved feathers can be straightened with a hair straightener. Feathers that have been restored can be removed from most hats, and if that fails, you can cut them off from the bottom of the hat.

No matter you want to store your hats for short term or long term, a decent hat box is undoubtedly the best place to store them. Not only it keeps your hat away from dust and dirt, they also keep it from color fading in the sun. The hat should be placed upside down on the top of the hat, or put a paper towel underneath so the weight is not placed on the brim.

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How to Buy a Hat for Yourself?

Every outfit is fashionable in summer, and it’s fashionable to wear a hat at this time of year, and you’ll look great in summer. You can wear any clothes you want. Pair your hat with jeans, dresses, blazers, skirts, and even pants and heels. If you’re going to an after-work event or a weekend event, it really looks good to wear the right hat.

If you’ve never worn a hat and don’t have your own hat, go to a local hat shop to look through hat style. If you’re not sure which hat to buy at first glance, try as many different styles as you can. You can take pictures of yourself when wearing the hat, and think it over to make sure you like it, and then buy it. This is especially important when choosing a hat.

Hats are used for different occasions, such as travel, beach time, leisure time, and some outdoors activities. Following I will introduce some important things when choose a hat for different use.

Travel Hat

Whether you are going to a cool place or a tropical city, there are some factors that help you find the best travel hat. The most important point is that you’ll want a hat with a high UPF fabric rating, an all-around brim and built-in sweatband. The hat will protect you from the sun and the rain. Thus, a water-repellent hat is very useful when you are on the road. The wide brim of the hat will block the sunlight and the harmful UV rays from your eyes, face even your neck. Moreover, the built-in sweatband can wick moisture away from your head and keep you cool as much as impossible.

Beach Hat

When it comes to a beach hat, there are two crucial things you need to consider: style and sun protection. Nothing is important than sun protection for beach time. Therefore, you need to choose a hat with a UPF 50+ sun protective rating, which can offer you the best protection from the heat. A wide-brimmed bucket hat is a perfect hat that gives you a stylish look. The wide brim keeps your face protected from the sun and its harmful rays. Plus, the fabric of the bucket hat is made of water-resistant material which will keep you comfortable and cool.

Leisure Hat

Many hats are casual style hats, and you can wear them on any informal occasion, such as shopping, visiting a museum, or strolling at a park. You may want a hat that is both casual and sun-protective. The bucket hat in casual style is the best choice as far as I’m considered. It can keep off the sun from your face, ears and neck. With a variety of designs and colors of bucket hats, they can be worn with most of your casual clothes on your wardrobe. You can wear them in different styles, for instance, the floppy bucket hat with a wide brim, you can roll up its brim to express your personality. There are also some other hats that can be worn in daily life, including fedora hats, flat hats, baseball caps and more.


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How to Choose a Hat for Your Adventures?

Hats are an easiest and cheapest way to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV rays. Before buying a hat, you need to think about your travel plans and make sure your hat does everything you need to do. Here are some tips that you should know before you buy a sun hat.

 Tightly Knit

Tightly knit – the tighter the better. Those soft straw hats with big holes may look good, but they will allow a lot of sunlight to penetrate your hat, which will reduce protection. Generally, nylon and cotton fabrics are closely woven, such as cotton bucket hats, which have soft fabrics and provide good sun protection.

For the harsher sun climate, choose a tight woven hat with a fair UPF rating (96% and above) for maximum protection. In general, most hats used for outdoor adventures will have a UPF rating.

Adjustment String

Hats are commonly used in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and more. They all have an adjustable windproof rope. The adjustable chin rope can help the hat stay safely on your head, even in strong winds.

Don’t worry that the hat with the rope looks awkward. Most good sun hats have ropes, so every smart person will wear it on a trip. The bucket hat with string just meets your requirements for a good sun hat, and its chin rope is adjustable. The workmanship of the rope won’t make you uncomfortable.


A good sun protection hat should have at least 3 inches wide brim. That is wide enough to protect your ears, face and neck.

Moisture Wicking

Many good sun hats have a moisture wicking lining that helps you absorb the sweat and moisture from your head so you don’t get a rash or discomfort. If you have been swimming and wearing a hat, your wet hair will quickly evaporate.

Although hats are important, they also have some drawbacks – that is, they can be very hot to wear. Wearing a hat on a sunny day will make you sweat more. Moisture wicking is an important feature since it will make you comfortable even in the hot sun.


Foldable, packable or compressible are the qualities you need in a travel sun hat, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. There are some hats that are soft and crushable, so you can pack them on the bottom of your suitcase without damaging their original shape.

Most of bucket hats are foldable, such as nylon, denim, cotton, etc. These bucket hats have good elasticity. Even if they have wrinkles, you can use a cold steam iron to restore them.

Other Functions

Your activity will depend on your style of the hat: swimming, fishing, camping and more.

For instance, if you are playing on the prairie or on the water, then you need to make sure your hat stays on your head in the strong wind, so you need a built-in chin strap or headband tensioner.

However, if you relax on the beach and go swimming, then it is not necessary.

Consider the plan during your trip and make sure your hat can do everything you need before buying a hat.

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Prince George and His Uncle, Prince Harry

Prince George of Cambridge (George Alexander Louis; born 22 July 2013) is a member of the British royal family. He is the eldest child and elder son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and third in the line of succession to the British throne behind his grandfather Prince Charles and his father. As he is expected to be king someday, his birth was widely celebrated across the Commonwealth realms. He has two younger siblings: Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis of Cambridge. George occasionally accompanies his parents on royal tours, and has affected business and popular culture.

Many people see in fairy tales that princes and princes, kings and queens, in fact, have a lot of royal families around the world, although with the development of history these monarchs have no real power, more symbolism than actual meaning. Some royal families, such as the Japanese royal family, have only 17 people, as a result of complex rules. Of all the royal families, the British royal family is one of the most concerned.

The royal family is very respectable, and in the royal family there is a very lovely little prince, George. George, the eldest son of Kate and Prince William and heir to the throne, will be highly valued as George. George, now only five years old, had revealed his dream of being a policeman, but George was destined to be disappointed. George is best known for “disgust”, no matter who the face is the same small expression. But according to the royal family, George likes Harry very much.

Why did Prince Harry like George so much? This is because Prince Harry himself is a very naughty child. When Harry laughed, he often made funny things, made faces into the camera and played naughty games with his mother, Diana. When Prince Harry grew up, he became the happy fruit of the royal family, even the gracious Kate Princess, who often laughed with him. When the Queen and Prince Harry are together, they whisper and look lovingly. Prince Harry, known as pistachio, met little George, the two of whom had a pat of character Together.

When George was very young, he was taken care of by Prince Harry, who had told the media that he could ask his brother for a babysitter. Prince Harry often prepares gifts for George. George likes dinosaurs and cars, as well as watching cartoons. Although Prince Harry is not young, but full of fun, Harry and George often watch the Lion King, this animation is their favorite.

But his nephew had a very good relationship, and George had said something embarrassing to Harry. When George was very young, Obama visited the British royal family. Prince Harry, the prince of the British royal family, was required to attend, but George got used to seeing Prince Harry at such a serious moment. I can’t help saying: why are you so quiet today? This embarrassed Prince Harry at the time. Prince Harry was exposed, but the episode would not affect his nephew’s relationship.

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Queen’s Favorite Great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte

On June 9, 2018, the annual royal parade at Buckingham Palace, London, was held to mark the official 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Every year, except for the women’s clothes, Prince William’s hair is getting smaller and younger, and men have been showing up in uniform for years, nothing new. It is the royal babies who are more enthusiastic, and fans have been looking forward to the day’s photos.

Of course, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were the ones most expected by netizens. Princess Charlotte had her hair changed, her hairpin turned into a red rope, and she had a small tail on her head, and a blue shredded princess skirt. He was not tall enough to step on a stool and looked taller than his brother Prince George. There was a little of interlude, and Princess Charlotte almost fell off her stool, only to catch Kate in time.

Princess Charlotte was so frightened that she was crying, and her mother, Kate, immediately lifted her arms and comforted her. His grandfather, Prince Charles, immediately asked, and even her great-grandmother, the Queen, could not help but turn her back to care. This is one of her favorite great-grandchildren, how willing to cry. When she first learned that Kate’s second child was a daughter, the Queen was very excited. After Princess Charlotte was born, the Queen gave her a lot of small gifts and tried to visit Kensington Palace in person after a period of busy business.

Fortunately, the child’s mood came quickly, royal etiquette as Princess Charlotte a moment later, sweet smile and wave. Remember the facial bags that Prince George and Princess Charlotte contributed at the parade last year? This year the two brothers and sisters between a little cousin, although did not see interaction, but Princess Charlotte looked up with Sun Wukong’s hand to look up at the plane, but let the hearts of fans and sisters melt, called such a little princess is very cute.

Prince George was very happy on the balcony this year. The national anthem sounded and sang. Unfortunately, he had just opened his mouth without singing a few words, and was blocked with his hands by his cousin next to him. George had a good temper. Instead of changing his face, he laughed more happily. This little cousin is Princess Anne’s granddaughter Savannah, who is expected to be a strong girl in the future. When her expression suddenly changes, she thinks, “this guy sings so badly, I have to cover his mouth.” she makes fans and sisters envy her.

A fan sister has suggested improvements to Princess Charlotte’s dress, saying she would like to see her dress in other styles. Every public appearance is a princess dress of this style, and the flowers on the dress are about the same. Is it possible to open a store for the same princess dress in Kate’s house? Although Princess Charlotte looks good on, it is a great pity for girls not to try something else in the world of children’s clothing.


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Prince Harry and Megan Moving

The Frogmore Estate or Gardens comprise 33 acres (130,000 m2) of private gardens within the Home Park, adjoining Windsor Castle, in the English county of Berkshire. It is the location of Frogmore House, a royal retreat. The name derives from the preponderance of frogs which have always lived in this low-lying and marshy area near the River Thames.

It is also the site of three burial places of the British Royal Family: the Royal Mausoleum containing the tombs of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert; the Duchess of Kent’s Mausoleum, burial place of Queen Victoria’s mother; and the Royal Burial Ground. The gardens are Grade I listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle will move away from Prince William and Kate Middleton, fleeing Kensington Palace’s “inescapable place”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will share royal territory with William and Kate in the months after their marriage.Prince Harry and Megan will move from London to Frogmore House in Windsor during the New year. According to an earlier report by the Mail on Sunday, there was a rift between the royal couple, and Megan and Kate were considered “very different people.”But Kensington Palace says the Sussex family will move out before giving birth to their first child next spring.

Before becoming a father, Prince Harry was said to crave “a place where the royal family could not escape.””Harry just doesn’t want his family to grow up like his brother in an obvious way,” said a source. “Any trip to nearby Kensington Garden will get people’s attention.” Whether it’s a well-meaning public or an occasional photographer, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have their gardens in the back, which is good, but there is no real room for children to play.

Located in the Windsor safe area (the main house is open to the public for only a few days a year), the Frogmore hut is quiet, above all, it is private.Prince Harry and Megan live at Nottingham House at Buckingham Palace, the former residence of Kate and Prince William. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now live on the same plot of land with 20 bedrooms.

The multimillion-pound renovation of Frogmore Cabin will be funded by British taxpayers.

The renovated cottage will be a 10-bedroom home with Prince Harry and Megan’s baby nursery. The Frogmore cottage at Windsor Abbey was given to them by the Queen of England. The 19th century cottage is currently rented by royal staff. But the secondary building was not in disrepair, and prior to Prince Harry and Megan’s move, top secret planning applications had been submitted to Parliament.

Windsor Castle has long been a refuge for the Windsor family, where the Queen and other members of the royal family hold private and royal events.

The British royal family has always been the focus of attention from people all over the world, and the movement of the royal family is also a topic of concern to many media friends, from her Majesty the Queen of England to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Their every move has attracted a lot of attention, so to speak, the British royal family is the most attention in the world. Why did the Queen take care of Megan when she was pregnant with twins and let her move into Windsor Castle? In many occasions, royals often top hats varied in styles, sizes, materials, shapes, etc. Certainly, womens bucket hat could also be spotted in some special occasions. 


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